Mrs M -  I had been struggling with IBS for many years which had quite a debilitating affect on my life.  I tried reflexology and following my first treatment saw an improvement in my life.

Mr F - I had pain in my abdomen, leg, knee, hip and had problems walking and also suffered general discomfort.  I had scans, tests and consultations to find that nothing was wrong although I was definately suffering.  I sceptically thought I would try reflexology and to my surprise found that my problems eased significantly after the first couple of treatments.  I now go for reflexology on a regular basis and have had great health and no recurrance of my initial problems.  In fact I feel like walking on air as I leave!

Couple A - I was introduced to Linda by a friend who told me about Linda`s project to help couples with fertility issues.

My husband and I had been trying for our second child for over two years and had become very distressed by our failure to conceive.

I started reflexology specifically for fertility with Linda and even after the first session I felt more relaxed and hopeful.  I continued to see Linda weekly over the summer and became increasingly relaxed as time went on.  I was absolutely delighted to find out I was pregnant at the end of September.

We cannot thank Linda enough for helping us to complete our family

Couple B - We had been trying to conceive for many years having had many tests.  We thought we would give reflexology a go whilst awaiting a referral for fertility treatment.  To our surprise and delight (and our doctors!) we found that we were expecting a child after only 5 treatments with Linda.